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Districts & views

The city of Paris that you will play in is divided into Districts. Each District functions as an independent area and challenges you with a specific mission.

Depending on your level of expertise - and those of your team, you will be allowed to work on certain Districts. To open new Districts, you will have to accomplish the missions entrusted to you and develop your team at the same time.
A District where the main mission has been accomplished is known as “closed”. Though you’ll still have to manage it, you will have access to a new set of Districts.
THE ARCHITECT: Paris will offer an innovative use of zooms and scales. No less than 9 different views of the model will be available, each bringing a different set of possible actions.
From "City" to "District" to "Block" to "Building" to "Floor": 5 levels of details (Scales) are available in the game, each in “strategic”, “model” and/or “tactical” view.
For the first time, a City Builder gives you the opportunity to develop your city as an architect, a city-planner, an engineer and a city manager.

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