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Team architect : This is where we share our latest news with you, Work in progress, videos, screenshots, concept art and so on... It's all right here!



Over the past months, we often got the same question: "where's your website?" Seems that you've found it! ;)

Why didn't we publish this site earlier? Because we thought there was no point in having a site where we would have nothing - or very little - to show. We wanted you to find more information on the site than anywhere else. We wanted you to get here and be excited about all the cool screenshots, videos and texts about The Architect: Paris.
Today, as we officially launch this website, there is still a lot to be unveiled about our game. Truth is: there is still a lot of work to be done before The Architect: Paris is released. But, just as we have for the past 7 months, we are convinced that the best way to achieve a truly awesome game is by going down this road with you, the players.
We hope that this website will be as lively as our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed. As of today, this place also becomes your place to follow the evolution of the project, get all the hot news from Enodo Games and, very soon, discover more about our Game Concept.

Let's continue the adventure together!

The Enodo Games team

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